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Mail Every Day to 91,000.

Mail Every Day to 91,000.
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No Click Credits or Overflowing Inbox. Just Send Email.  

All these traffic methods, all these choices.  UGH!!!


Let's just get back to the basics like the first safelists. They just did one thing and did it well:


Email Ads.


Maryanne Myers had created a huge advertising community of these highly successful mailers but they were old scripts (some 10 years old) and hard to maintain:

safelists. com, wondermailer, bigadblast, sitespaying. me, thesplitview, dominomailer, bannervip, superlistexplode

She has combined these incredible mailers to create a Massive Mailer called Pangea #2.  

Pangea #2 is doing just the ONE THING mailers do well. Email Ads. ONLY that.  

There are over 91,000 Members!  This is HUGE!!!

There is no click requirement...
You don't have to receive email ads... 
You just pop in, send your email ad, then pop back out.


But WAIT!  I was an upgraded member at one or more of the old sites before this huge conversion!  

No worries:

If you were a member at these sites, you are now a member at Pangea #2.

If you were an upgraded member at these sites, you are now an upgraded member at Pangea #2.

Your referrals were brought over to the new Pangea #2 site.

Check out Pangea #2 here:

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Rich Moyer