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Published by: David Scott on 11-Sep-20
Generate Traffic from Yahoo Answers with these 10 Quick Tips

Yahoo Answers is the 100th most visited website in the world and just imagine how much you could profit
if you could use the popularity of Yahoo Answers to generate traffic to your site? Sounds impossible?
Well, it’s not, and we’ll teach you how to do it in simple steps.

Tip no. 1 Create a Yahoo account that is very close or exactly the same as your site's domain name.
If the URL of your website is, for example,, then find a way to create a Yahoo
username similar to that. If makemoneyventures is not available, you can try make_money_ventures or
some other similar variation? As you continue to use Yahoo Answers, people will find it easier to
remember your website because it is close to your username.

Tip no. 2  Carefully read the terms and conditions for using Yahoo Responses. Be sure not to violate
any policies while working on generating traffic for your website. If you play your cards properly,
you will be able to circumvent the rules and continue marketing your website.

Tip no. 3  Select niche categories. Yahoo Answers has a pretty good classification system for its categories, so it’s not
hard for you to look for the categories closest to the products or services you sell. Concentrate on
answering questions from these categories as this will make it easier for you to build credibility.

Tip no. 4  Answer a few questions each day. If you post too many responses on a daily basis, no matter
how informative, Yahoo Answers may still find a reason to charge you with spam and delete your account.

Tip no. 5  Take time to answer the questions you have chosen for the day. Always striving to give the
best answer for the question because this can only improve your reputation. While you don’t need to give
very long answers, your answers need to be informative to say the least and hopefully unique.

Tip no. 6 Remember to include targeted keywords in your response. Because questions and answers in
Yahoo Answers also appear in search engine results, using targeted keywords will allow more people to
see your answer and generate traffic to your site accordingly. Avoid flooding your answers with targeted
keywords. It would be enough to mention them once or twice.

Tip no. 7 Review your answers and check for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. These small
mistakes could damage your credibility in the long run, so it’s best to get them out of the way as
early as possible.

Tip no. 8 Post important links along with the answer. Links must, of course, provide
additional information that people would like to know. Last but not least, be sure to include a link
to your website.

Tip no. 9  Note how the question was asked and make sure you match it in tone and style. This usually
applies to the category of questions as well. If you sell microscopes, you will undoubtedly find
yourself in the category of science, and most of the questions there are technical. You will have to
respond in the same way if you want to gain the trust and respect of the people.

Tip no. 10  Finally, create other Yahoo accounts for yourself and use them infrequently to vote for the
response you posted with your primary account. Don’t let the voting get you down or you could ban all
your accounts.